Places of Faith

Hermitage of Fonte Avellana (at 1 km.)

The Monastery of Fonte Avellana is on the slopes of the mountain Catria (1,701 m) to 700 m above sea level.
Its origins lie around Mille, but it is certain that already in the last decades of the tenth century some hermits had chosen to dwell in this wooded mountain creek characterized by a large presence of tree pit (the avellana).
On the spirituality of the hermits certainly influenced St. Romuald of Ravenna, the father of the Benedictine Congregation camaldolese.
Fonte Avellana, however, continued to live as fed by a spring inside, and now returned to the monks Camaldolese, has found over the austere beauty of its architectural structures (sec. X and XIX), even that faith and culture that have characterized from the outset –

Hermitage of Monte Giove (at 50 km.)

The Hermitage of Monte Giove was erected in 1608.
In 1741 the present church was rebuilt and the monastery was surrounded by walls of enclosure.
The seizure order from the Reign of Italy stripped of all good and was abandoned by the monks in 1925 that only you could come back.
The Church, an octagonal, has the right chapel dedicated to St. Romuald and in the choir of a walnut inlaid.
It was established the Center for “Routes and meetings” that each year organizes cultural events on religious themes, historical and social

The Sanctuary and the Church of Loreto (at 100 km.)

The history of the shrine began in 1294, with the arrival of the house occupied by the family of the Virgin Mary in Nazareth. This precious relic was brought to Italy after the fall of the kingdom of the Crusaders in the Holy Land.
Recent studies of rocks and graffiti and other documents, confirm the authenticity of the Holy House.
The Sanctuary of Loreto has been for centuries and is still one of the places of pilgrimage among the largest ones in the Catholic world.
It was visited by about 200 saints and blessed, and several Popes.