Ai piedi del Catria B&B Pradaccio

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Ai Piedi Del Catria B&B Pradaccio

Located in the small village of Prataccio (also called Pradaccio), “Ai piedi del Catria B&B Pradaccio” is an old mansion whose walls date back to the 16th century, a period of the first pastoral settlements in this area. Until the last years of the last century, in this house life flowed following the rhythms of nature and its close relationship with animals, the primary source of subsistence. In fact, up until 70 years ago, this house was still used as a warehouse in a room on the upper floor, as a stable for the breeding of oxen, cows and sheep on the lower floor and as a home for 2 families in the remaining rooms. Being completely restored to its current form in 2022, “Ai piedi del Catria B&B Pradaccio” offers its customers 3 large separate rooms with bathroom, private parking, a library in each room, a large kitchen for common or private use on request, a room used for yoga practice, meditation and recreational moments, and a front garden with a mountain view. Matteo and Suzana will be happy to welcome you to their home where you can share with them the harmony of this place with the nature that surrounds it and make you feel at home.

Ai Piedi del Catria B%B Pradaccio