The bronzes of Pergola (at 10 km.)

The Gilded Bronzes of Pergola is the only group of gilded bronze in the world come from the Roman to the present day. It’s likely a family group, originally composed by two pairs of female figures cloaked and veiled, and two knights as high military rank, richly decorated with horses.
You will find them at the Museum of the Gilded Bronzes of Pergola

Roman ancient town in Castelleone di Suasa (at 25 km.)

An excavation made it possible to find in Castelleone of Suasa, the following Roman jewels: the old paved street, the commercial forum with workshops and laboratories, two burial areas, the amphitheater, public buildings other facilities and the wonderful private housenamed Domus Coiedii, one of the most beautiful houses in central Italy (it’s a private house ready along the main road of the town extended for 3,000 sqm.)

The church of San Gervasio di Bulgaria (at 50 km.)

The Monastery of San Gervasio of Bulgaria was probably founded between VIII and IX century, during the transition from the realm of independent Lombard Carolingian to the emperor, at an existing church that may have been plebeian.
It was equipped with non-public lands only in the municipal area of Mondolfo up to S. Michele al Fiume.